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The Association for Energy Cost Allocation

Europäischer Verein zur verbrauchsabhängigen Energiekostenabrechnung – e.V.

Guidelines for the billing of heating, air-conditioning and hot water heating costs according to the actual consumption

EVVE Guidelines Part 1


Section 1
Situation in the Member States
1) Belgium
2) Denmark
3) Germany
4) France
5) Netherlands
6) Spain
7) United Kingdom
8) The other Member States in the EU
9) The new Member States in the EU

Section 2
Energy-saving potentials to be achieved by the consumption-based billig of energy costs

Section 3
Delineation of the area of validity

Section 4
Registering consumption

Section 5
Provision with registering devices

Section 6
Allocation of costs

Section 7
List of costs

Section 8
Registration of consumptions

Section 9
Reading devices for registering consumption

Section 10
Cost allocation in special cases and on change of user

Section 11
Technical exceptions

Section 12
Right of reduction, transitional ruling

Section 13
Priority over agreements and contracts under private law

Section 14
Available technologies

Section 15
Announcing the reading date / reading the consumption indicators

Section 16
Reading in special cases

Section 17
Plausibility checks

Section 18
Method for registering in advance for different groups of users

Section 19
Coming into force

Section 20
Expected results at a glance: Energy and carbon dioxide savong potentials, labour market potential and investment volume in case of an introduction of the consumtion-based billing of energy costs in Europe

Appendix I
Extracts from EC Directives to which reference was made

Appendix II
Table for the advance registration for different groups of users

Appendix III
Further recommendations for the course of action in the case of estimations

Appendix IV
A. Bibliography

Appendix IV
B. Conversion faxtors for the energy units Energieeinheiten



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